Family History,
or Personal Papers

Do you feel overwhelmed by the stacks, drawers, or boxes of papers, mementos, keepsakes, photos, medical records, or electronic files in your space?

I can tame the chaos and provide you with a system of keeping organized, and help you make decisions about what to keep (or not!). Declutter your space and restore your peace of mind by having an effective way to manage it all.

Eliminate the worry and uncertainty of keeping track of and preserving precious items and critical information. Instead, spend your time using and/or enjoying them now, share them with your family, begin preparing your legacy in regards to estate planning, or pave the way for prospective donation.

Non-Profits and
Cultural Heritage Agencies

Your organizational records and artifacts are an important part of your history and an essential part of your administrative responsibility.

Create a sense of trust and responsible stewardship by establishing a standardized system of record-keeping of your core documents (Articles of Incorporation, Bylaws, and Meeting Minutes) in addition to your day-to-day operational records.

Become confident in remaining compliant with regulatory or certifying agencies and professional practice. Find efficient new ways to retrieve or repurpose existing information for grant proposals, celebrating milestones, or preparing for major events and campaigns.

Businesses and

You probably didn’t start your business so you could get bogged down in paperwork. I started my business to make sure you don’t have to!

Whether you are a creative – immersed in your art and talent, an entrepreneur just starting out, or are an established business providing goods or services, recordkeeping is a necessary part of business but doesn’t need to be a burden.

Reclaim precious hours and peace of mind by refining how you handle your documentation, records, and paperwork. Get back to focusing on your customers and growing your business, or initiate having more personal time to spend with family and friends, or otherwise rejuvenate from the hard work you do.